5 Reasons Why You Should Know About the New Live-Streaming Video App Periscope

Twitter just spent $86.6 million dollars and created the largest splash in social media since Myspace hit the scene in 2003. Earlier this year, Twitter bought a live-streaming video app called Periscope and officially launched it on March 26, 2015. This new app allows users to live broadcast themselves while interacting with viewers from all over the world. Will this trend last? Will this effect real estate? Should I, as a real estate agent, be “Periscoping?” The answers are yes, yes and yes! Here is why…

1)      Like Father, Like Son

Periscope is Twitter’s new baby, and if it ends up anything like its dad it will be around for a long time. The multi-billion dollar powerhouse of Twitter has the infrastructure and market reach to grow Periscope into another social media behemoth.

2)      It makes social media that much more “social”

Social media, thus far, has brought us closer to both friends and public figures alike. Due to Instagram, I can see exactly what my friend’s family is doing while simultaneously looking at yet another Kim Kardashian selfie. However, because it is a picture post the information could be days old and/or drastically altered. Video interaction deals with both of those problems: it is live-streaming material and impossible to alter. Now I can watch Kim pucker her lips and not smile in real time. On second thought, maybe Periscope is a bad idea after all…

3)      It brings HGTV to your finger tips

You’re crazy if you think there isn’t a market for people interested in real estate. Judging by the over-saturation of home shows on HGTV and Bravo it is evidently clear that there is a fascination with what we do for a living. Take advantage of that; give the people what they want! Simply “Periscoping” while walking through new listings will draw an audience.

4)      The future is now

Experts say that the ultimate goal of social media is to provide an adequate replacement for real interaction. Basically, in year 2030 I will be using a live-streaming virtual platform to “have dinner” with a friend in another country and it will feel the same as if he were in the room.  Since that is the ultimate goal, the jump from common social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to Periscope is a major leap! We just got a lot closer to the future of social media.

5)      It is brand new – take control!

I recently taught a class on Periscope at our Keller Williams Luxury Center in Santa Barbara. Because of how young this new social media platform is there was a lot of confusion as to how exactly it should be utilized.  The thing to remember is that if you begin using Periscope right now, you are such an early adopter that you get to control its use in the world of real estate. Other platforms like Facebook and Twitter are over 10 years old and people are just now figuring out how to use them. Periscope is only 4 months old so you have the power to jump on the train and create an unparalleled real estate presence.

Follow me on Periscope @dustyjbaker to join my broadcasts and say hello! Another excellent example to follow is television host and lifestyle blogger @jaylives1.