Don't Be Better, Be Different

Do you feel like just another number amidst the sea of realtors in your community? Often times I do.There are over 1,000 active real estate agents in my city of Santa Barbara, CA. In an area of only about 200,000 people, that is a lot of agents! I assume that many cities also "enjoy" this over-saturation of realtors. So, as a real estate professional, how do you differentiate yourself and get business?


For this topic, I brought in a top professional in brand identity and marketing. Seth Addison is an industry genius and has helped countless companies grow to their true potential. Watch my interview below as we discuss the old adage of, "Don't be better, be different."

A big THANK YOU to Seth for helping with this article and providing his professional insight! To learn more about Seth and his company Nexa Marketing, or to contact him, go to

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