Get Lost In Your City: Why Driving Around Creates Knowledge

For a change of pace I decided I'd talk to you face-to-face. Welcome to the world of "vlogging." (Because the term "video blogging" is clearly far too long...)

As I was driving back to the office filming this video, I noticed a new corner bakery. Being a sucker for fresh bread, I went to that new corner bakery the following weekend for a loaf of sour dough and ran into a gentleman from my athletic club. This gentleman happens to be someone I have been trying to do business with for a while now, so any run-ins are helpful! A week later, I had a client in town from North Carolina staying in a hotel around the corner from  this bakery so I mentioned that it was a new favorite of mine and he went and enjoyed coffee there.

Obviously neither of those stories are groundbreaking. In fact, you may be wondering why I mention them at all. The whole point is that simple things like driving around new parts of your city complete the "holistic realtor." Holistic realtors are not only experts in their field, but they know every one and every thing about their cities. Imagine if every day you drove to and from the office a different route -- you'd learn a lot and only invest about 5 extra minutes a day!

what are your thoughts? i would love to hear success stories from being attentive while driving around. comment below!