Laugh It Off! Finding Humor Amidst Difficulty in Real Estate

Have you noticed that most of what you hear and read about regarding real estate business is success stories? You pick up a Wall Street Journal and see the “Top 100 Agents.” You overhear an agent in your office talking about a big new client they met at an open house. You listen as the office manager interviews the new agent (who looks like he’s 12 years old) that just sold a $5 million house. Ok that’s great, but where are the people willing to get vulnerable? Who is willing to talk about all the difficult and downright boring parts of the business? Well I’ve found him, and his name is The Broke Agent. And he is hilarious.


Created by agents Wes Pinkston & Eric Simon, The Broke Agent is a satirical alternative voice in the industry that showcases daily difficulties in a funny way. Their tagline says it all, “What everyone is thinking, but nobody is saying.” I decided to ask them a few questions.

So, over a couple beers we decided to give it a shot.

DUSTY: What is the purpose of The Broke Agent?

THE BROKE AGENT: We provide real estate entertainment, predominantly comedy. We have created a satirical,  alternative voice in the industry from the unique perspective of an actual agent. We capture the experiences and interactions with buyers, sellers, and other agents as the inner-conscious of a realtor. We searched and realized no one was capturing this other side of the industry, so over a couple beers we decided to give it a shot and have gotten incredible feedback and support. We have successfully created an intimate community that shares their personal experiences as a sort of "refuge" in an otherwise stiff and stressful industry.  

DUSTY: How are you personally able to have fun during a stressful job like real estate?

THE BROKE AGENT: Most of that is embedded in our blogs on how to have fun at open houses and other places. A lot goes into actually closing a deal and the people and scenarios you have to deal with on the way can be completely insane. We have developed the ability to laugh off certain situations and turn it into a funny thought or idea to potentially write about. Also, we aren't saving lives; we are selling houses. 

DUSTY: What is the most popular post you have ever shared?

THE BROKE AGENT: One of our most popular posts is our poem called: "Three Hours of Paradise." It accurately depicts a stressed, defeated agent sitting a dead open house.

DUSTY: Anything else you want to share with us?

THE BROKE AGENT: A lot of this business is so dependent on other people that a lot of it is out of your control. When something goes wrong with your deal, or someone is late to your showing, or your buyer flakes, we want you to think of "The Broke Agent." We want you to share with us what happened to you as a therapeutic outlet. We want you to laugh it and off and keep at it. 

We aren’t saving lives, we are selling houses.


Humor is everything. Life has to be enjoyed and laughed at, regardless of your profession. My team always tells clients that we take our job very seriously, but we have to have fun. Buying/selling a home isn't always easy or enjoyable, but we assure clients that we will have fun doing it. I applaud The Broke Agent for providing a breath of fresh air and reminding us to laugh.




p.s. If you want a good laugh, check out their recent video "The Crazy Buyer."