People Don't Notice Announcements, They Notice Consistency

How many of us made New Years Resolutions this year? Probably most of us in one way or another made goals for 2016. Now that we are exactly 2 months into the year let's gauge our progress. Are we 1/6 of our way to our sales volume goal? Are we 1/6 of our way to our weight goal?

Probably not... But have no fear, we can still salvage this year! 2016 can still be the year of success through consistency, not embarrassment through empty announcements.

even the best of intentions still need a solid action plan

I have no doubt that the majority of us have every intention of working hard this year and successfully completing our goals. But even the best of intentions are unable to keep us on track to finish the race; we still need a rock solid foundation of an action plan to succeed. As I outline in great detail in my "Ultimate Guide to Hitting Your Real Estate Goals in 2016" (free download), there are 4 pillars to a good strategy of goal setting:

1) Assess 2015 Results


Every race needs a starting point; what is yours? Write down your exact numbers from 2015: sales volume, listings taken, referrals, marketing budget, etc. You can't know where you are going until you know where you came from.


2) Create 2016 Goals

create goals dusty baker

If you think that "sell more homes" or "get in shape" are good goals you are dead wrong. Create 2016 goals that are S.M.A.R.T., directed (which aspect of your business they refer to), written down and communicated to others. This is the step that most people blow -- don't overlook this simple but important step.


3) Get Accountability


Find an accountability partner to meet with on a monthly basis to make sure you are staying on track. Our lives are filled with thousands of emails, crazy clients, failed escrows and a litany of other issues that will distract us from our goals. We need regular re-calibration and accountability to stay on track.


4) Visualize Success


I used to think that visualizing success was the weird voodoo aspect of goal setting that didn't actually accomplish anything but made us feel warm and fuzzy so everyone did it. Some visualization may be like that, but the type I am referring to will actually solidify the future goal in your mind and allow you to embrace the confidence now in order to accomplish it.


The best quarter of my career

In case you are wondering, I absolutely practice what I preach. My best friend and I went through this exact template this year and so far this is the best quarter of business I have ever had. I am on track to have a record-breaking year and the only difference between this year and last was my diligence in taking the steps to property goal set. I used to think these steps were silly and a waste of time -- now I have no doubt in their power!

-Dusty Baker