The One Thing You Need to Attract More Buyers

As real estate professionals, our businesses center around helping valued clients purchase and sell properties. So what happens when our sellers don't know the current value of their homes and think they are still underwater? What happens when our buyers assume they will never be able to afford a home in this market? The answer: nothing! Nothing happens when our clients and spheres of influence are not properly educated on pricing trends, new loan products, and the current market. If you want to grow your business and truly help those around you, education is key.

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I wrote this article for a great website, It outlines how people start small and slowly grow their real estate investments. After this article was published last week, I received a tremendous amount of feedback from peers and members of the community that were inspired and encouraged to have a plan that would result in owning a home one day. Try it with your sphere, see if it doesn't start real estate conversations and lead to more business! Post to Facebook & Twitter, you never know who is following you that may need a realtor.