The Problem With Living in the Past

As agents we spend 99% of our time and money trying to stay relevant. That’s all marketing is, right? We pay to run advertisements in popular magazines hoping that buyers and sellers see it and contact us. We spend countless hours at networking events fake laughing and chit-chatting with the community so they know we are their “go-to” real estate agent. We update our websites and pay SEO specialists boatloads of money to optimize our Google rankings so clients can find us online.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret… your efforts aren’t working!

At least not as well as they used to. Let me explain why many agents are quickly becoming irrelevant.


This isn’t the 1990s any more

In the 1980s and 1990s the only method of mass marketing was print. Agents would choose which newspaper or magazine had the largest readership and pay (a lot!) to place an ad. It’s where the people were so agents tried to get in front of them.

Networking was focused on parties and community fundraisers because, once again, that’s where the people were.

Coming into the 2000s, Google emerged and our rankings became incredibly important. The people were on Google, so agents paid SEO specialists to get them onto the 1st page of results.

But we simply have to come to terms that culture has drastically changed and we CANNOT repeat marketing strategies that worked 30 years ago. We WILL get left behind. Many of us ARE becoming irrelevant.


Join the parade on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

My branding specialist always tells me, “Don’t waste your time and effort organizing a parade; find out where one is and get in front of it.” Again, it is all about where the people are.

social media dusty baker real estate

I’m here to tell you that the people have a new hangout spot – and it’s all on social media platforms. Specifically Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some stats that will blow your mind. As of April 2016, there are:

  • 1.5 BILLION people on Facebook
  • 400 MILLION people on Instagram
  • 320 MILLION people on Twitter

Easily stay relevant to past clients, your sphere and online

Past Clients

Did you know that in 2016 only 12% of sellers used the agent who sold them their home? That tells me that a LOT of real estate agents are dropping the ball staying in touch with their past clients. The solution? Connect with all past clients on social media so they can see your daily posts.

(p.s. here is a replay of a webinar I hosted going into depth on this exact topic if you’d like more info)



Here is a sad truth: All of our friends know at least a handful of other real estate agents. So we have to combat that by being in front of our sphere more. We have to maintain a “top of mind awareness” that gets us the business over their other agent friends. The best, least intrusive way, to do this is by connecting on social media. Your sphere is then able to visually see you and stay updated every single day.

Remember, the alternative is waiting to see friends at events or one-off lunches. How often is that? Not often enough.

That would be sufficient except for the fact that we already established everyone knows multiple agents. You have to stand out or you WILL lose their business.



The goal is to be on page 1 of Google. So how do we make Google happy? Google likes to see 3 things:

google seo

1) Multiple websites that point to us

2) Constant updates and NEW material

3) Particular key words that substantiate our message

Social media is a VERY easy and cheap way to make Google happy and boost your SEO (search engine optimization). By being on multiple social media platforms, you get these huge powerhouse websites all “vouching” for you. By posting daily on each one you provide the updates they like. Finally, by using well thought out captions you can hone in on keywords that will help your search results.


BONUS: Make a page on your website that showcases your social media platforms so that your main real estate website gets the same updates and keywords that Google loves so dearly. Here is an example of what I did on my website.



Even top agents can become irrelevant if they do not adapt to the times. Here is an opportunity to stay progressive in this competitive market. Click here to buy ActiveRain University’s FIRST comprehensive, completely digital e-course!

Create a Robust Social Media Presence to Gain Leads and Make Money in Real Estate!

I look forward to seeing you all online!